Ireland’s only Polish Theatre company present their first play ‘Scent of Chocolate’ in Focus Theatre this September

Polish Theatre Ireland present

Performances in English & Polish of


A Play by Radoslaw Paczocha

Translated and adapted by Anna Wolf

Directed by Anna Wolf

Monday 27th September – Saturday 2nd October 2010

8pm (2pm Matinee on Sat 2nd Oct)

Focus Theatre

6 Pembroke Place, Off Pembroke Street, Dublin 2

Tickets: €16/13/10

Book: 087 2744125 or visit

“Paczocha’s text is not only the successful attempt of fighting with difficult reality, but it is also a proof of author’s excellent technical skills in building the course of events, dialogues and theatrical metaphor” Gazeta Wyborcza – Trojmiasto

Enter into 13 year-old Misza’s world where elephants are gods and chocolate reigns supreme. Join him and his sisters as they tackle the broken family left them by their emigrant mother. Experience the effects of separation, distance and the imagination of a boy living in his own world on a small family unit and we watch as the lines of communication between them fall further apart in this heart-warming, surreal drama.

Scent of Chocolate is written by award winning contemporary playwright Radoslaw Paczocha and has been adapted for both stage and radio, however this is the first time it will be performed on stage. This translation and adaptation by Dublin based Polish director Anna Wolf in her début play for Polish Theatre Ireland is a unique theatrical experience that will transport audiences into an abstract world and a new mode of theatre.

Polish Theatre Ireland was formed in 2008 as a response to the growing number of Polish actors based in Dublin and the need for a platform to showcase Polish dramatic culture. This is their first play to be produced and shown in Ireland and is the beginning of what will be an interesting journey for Polish theatre in Ireland.


English Performances

Tuesday 28th September, 8pm – Opening Night in English

Thursday 30th September, 8pm

Saturday 2nd October, 8pm – with post show discussion with writer Radoslaw Paczocha

Polish Performances

Wednesday 29th September, 8pm – Opening Night in Polish

Friday 1st October, 8pm – with post show discussion with writer Radoslaw Paczocha

Saturday 2nd October 2pm – matinee show in Polish


Focus Theatre

6 Pembroke Place, Off Pembroke Street, Dublin 2

Tickets: €16/13/10

Book: 087 2744125 or visit


Kasia Lech- Bogusia

John Currivan – Misza

Jacek Dusznik- Father

Oscar Mienandi- Mike

Alicja Jankowska- Natalka

Voiceover work – Declan McGauran and Agata Kaputa


Anna Wolf

Assistant Director

Anka Wysota

Radoslaw Paczocha

Producer/ PR and Marketing:

Helen McNulty


Helen McNulty | 087 986 2638 |


Anna Wolf | 086 775 7795 |


all images by maciej staroniewicz – see more of his work at


Mike and Natalka Scent of Chocolate

Mike and Natalka

Written by contemporary Polish playwright Radoslaw Paczocha, the play ‘Scent of Chocolate’ focuses on a family disconnected by distance, as the mother of Bogusia, Natalka, and Misza lives and works in America to better the lives of her children in Poland.  The focus is on the youngest boy, the mentally retarded Misza, who lives in his own world consisting of an equal passion for chocolate and documentaries about elephants, who seem to be able to communicate better than humans in the play. The questions of love and family obligation are raised, towards a very needy sibling and an absent mother in an eternal waiting game. Scent of Chocolate examines the breakdown in communication in a small family unit and is a heartwarming, yet sad representation of the reality facing many families who have experienced an absent emigrant parent.

Cast and Crew at Scent of Chocolate showcase 27th March 2010

Scent Of Chocolate from Anna Wolf on Vimeo.

Our first project called “Symphony Blockatoris” will be a story about Polish local community settled in blocks of flats. It aims to show Irish audiences how Polish mentality and national Polish identity face contemporary Polish reality and how much it is rooted in communism past. We also intend to celebrate oncoming anniversary of Collapse of Communism 1989 and on this occasion we plan to organize number of various discussions regarding to it .

“Symphony Blockatoris”, the play, is set in a block of flats and explores the relationship between the main character ‘Myself’ and the people encountered along his journey of self discovery, in an amnesia filled world and an environment which seems strange to him. The main themes of the play are rediscovery of identity, overcoming alienation and suspicion, and the art of crafting the ‘self’ when the protagonist dwells on the periphery of his own national/ tribal boundaries.

Seven Polish actors will be employed in the production which will be performed in the Polish language with English Supertitles / audio transcription provided for non-Polish speaking audience members. Director Emilia Sadowska will be with us for 3 weeks for rehearsals and for the performance.

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