Who we are

PTI Founders/ Creators

Photo by Maciej Staroniewicz

Anna Wolf: Artistic Director and Producer

Anna is a Dublin-based theatre producer and translator (mainly theatre scripts). She graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań (Poland) in the Theatre and Drama Department. She completed her thesis on Irish contemporary playwriting, focusing mostly on Marina Carr’s dramatic works. Anna is one of the founders of Polish Theatre Ireland (PTI) in Dublin; she directed their first play Scent of Chocolate by Radosław Paczocha (Focus Theatre, 2010), which was her first move into directing for theatre. During the Dublin Theatre Festival 2010, Anna was on a panel on Arts Tonight with Vincent Woods where she discussed Polish theatre alongside Peter Crawley and Loughlin Deegan. She also worked for the Polish strand of the Dublin Theatre Festival 2010 as an editor of the surtitles on Danton’s Case directed by Jan Klata. She produced and directed PTI’s devised performance of Chesslaugh Mewash staged during Absolut Fringe 2011 (The Lir Theatre). Anna also organized and produced stage readings of Polish and Lithuanian contemporary plays “Freedom LTD” as part of PTI’s repertoire (Submarine Bar, 2012). Most recently she produced PTI’s Delta Phase by Radosław Paczocha (Theatre Upstairs, 2012). Her credits as a translator are: Owen McCafferty’s Closing Time (into Polish; as part of stage readings of Irish plays in Polski Theatre in Poznan, 2007), Radosław Paczocha’s Scent of Chocolate, Radosław Paczocha’s Be Like Kazimierze Deyna, Radosław Paczocha’s Delta Phase (co-translated with John Currivan).

Kasia Lech: Artistic Liaison and Actor

Photo by Tomasz Lazar

Kasia Lech: Artistic Liaison and Actor

Kasia Lech, co-founder of PTI, trained as an actress and completed MA in acting at the Ludwik Solski State Drama School in Wrocław (Poland). She started her professional career in theatres in Poland and has been continuing it in Ireland in both theatre and film. Her theatre credits include: Pink Whore-Girl in ‘The Murder’ by Hanoch Levin (Theatre K2, Wrocław, Poland), First Witch in ‘Macbeth’ (The Venue Theatre, Navan), Seeta (Never After, Tabs Theatre, Dublin), Bogusia in ‘Scent of Chocolate’ (Polish Theatre Ireland, Dublin), and Justyna in the most recent production of PTI. Kasia also took a lead role in an Irish TV drama ‘House’ directed by Declan Cassidy. Her professional activities include also acting coaching, drama teaching, storytelling, and working as a voiceover. She gave a voice and animated the Grey Cat – a puppet that co-hosted a live TV show for children ‘CyberMysz’ [CyberMouse] that was broadcasted by Polish national television (TVP 1). Kasia has currently submitted her PhD thesis on verse performance (funded by the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences) to the University College Dublin.

Photo by Maciej Staroniewicz

Helen McNulty: Producer and Idea Maker

Helen is an Irish artist and active cultural worker in Dublin, Ireland. She is also co-founder and producer of Ireland’s first Polish Theatre company, Polish Theatre ireland. Born and raised in Irvinestown, she is one of seven children by Francis and Teresa McNulty, and moved to Leicester United Kingdom in 1999 to follow a passion in Performance art after spending much of her childhood painting. While in Leicester she performed self written pieces of performance art / live art as well as co-organising the Live Art festival …seen… which ran in Leicester from 2002-2004 both as a festival and as an artist collective. She was also a member of the Improv Comedy group Bachman Turner Improvise until 2006. She returned to Fermanagh in 2006 after an upheaval in life and focussed mainly on painting again, and abandoned performance to study colour, light and water in more depth. In 2007, she embarked on a new phase of her career in Dublin, as an artist, writer and producer of plays and a promoter for jazz and improvised music with Improvised Music Company.

Beata Baryłka: Creative Director


Graphic Designer, Photographer, Internet Addict and Mad Driver. Beata loves Art, Theatre and Film. She also loves her iMac, good old Nikon and her Toyota. And also.. everything Vintage. Beata holds Masters Degree from Warsaw University of Technology (Politechnika Warszawska) in Graphic Design and have 5+ years of professional experience. Beata worked with the best professionals from well known companies/ brands e.g. ESRI Polska, Hewlett Packard, Just Eat, JC Decaux, Dublin Bus and Bright Horizons Family Solutions. At the moment Beata is a Co-Founder and Creative Director for Be Different Ltd delivering finest Graphic Design and Photography as well as all kind of Digital (Social Media, SEO, PPC) and Traditional Marketing. Beata got her very first camera from her Dad when she was 5 years of age. It was a good old Zenit, a Russian SLR, which size and weight was nearly as hers. Beata and Photography never separated since. Beata now uses a digital SLRs along with vintage film cameras that are at least twice her age; are beautiful and have many stories to tell. Beata has lived in Dublin for the past seven years and have been involved in many project outside her work e.g. Photography Workshops for Children with Dublin City Council, Co-Founder of ‘In Focus’ – Photography Group in Dublin, Graphic Design support for Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOSP), Graphic Design for Career Change Project with Polski Express etc.

PTI Artists

Alicja Ayres: Actor and Interpreter.


Photo by Maciej Staroniewicz

Alicja Ayres is an international actor based in Dublin, Ireland. She started her acting career in the theatre world. First working with Maybe Theatre Company in summer 2000 – a group of people passionate about the theatre and the artistic heritage of the English speaking countries, thus performing only in English – she since acted in the numerous plays and musicals with the company, performed in the International English Theatre Festival in Lublin (summer 2004) and Shakespeare Festival in Gdańsk (summer 2005). After moving to Dublin in 2006, Alicja joined Polish Theatre Ireland performing in their debut play “Scent of Chocolate” as Natalka (Focus Theatre), acted in “The Maids” as Solange (Made-Up Theatre Company) and in Ouroboros Theatre’s “A Christmas Carol” (dir by Karl Shiels) as The Ghost of Christmas Past (Dublin Castle). Her theatre credits also include the acclaimed play “Toxic” in Project Arts Centre (July 2011) and “Chesslaugh Mewash” at Absolut Fringe (September 2011).
Most recently, Alicja performed in “Shibari” by Gary Duggan, directed by Tom Creed, an Abbey Theatre Commission, which premiered on the Peacock stage on the 10th October 2012. Alicja’s recent credits in film, among a number of short films (“The Arc of Violence”, “Don’t Cry over Spilt Milk”, “Room for Rent”), include a featured role in “Sanctuary” – a feature film directed by Norah McGettigan which premiered at the Galway Film Fleadh 2012, a television clip for one of Ireland’s most renown comedians Tommy Tiernan, and her first lead role in an indie feature film “Death Waits” written and directed by Redmond Fitzpatrick. Alicja is also a singer and an art model. She loves photography and writes poems, short plays and mini-screenplays. She graduated from the Gaiety School of Acting Full-Time Course in June 2011.

Oscar Mienandi: Actor and Choreographer

Photo by Maciej Staroniewicz.

Oscar Josephat MienandiActor and Choreographer

Oscar Mienandi is an international dancer, actor and singer. He cooperated with Music
Theatre in Gdynia, in Poland, as well as with independent production companies. He
performed in musicals such as: “Fame”, “AMidsummer Nights Dream”, “Hair” (in the
original Broadway version, Switzerland, 2003 and 2004), in 2012 in the Irish version
of the musical “Hair”, as a Franklin produced by Stilorgan Musical Company, directed
by Emmet McCarthy. He also appeared in plays like “The Zoo Story”, “Remix”,
“Twelfth Night”, “The DumbWaiter”, “The Long Christmas Dinner” and the
”Tempest” in 2012 in Dublin, produced by Fortune’s Fool Production, directed by
Stephanie Courtney. In 2007 he appeared as a barman in the comedy movie “Jeszcze
Raz” (One More Time) directed by Mariusz Malec in Poland. In 2009 in the short
musical movie “I Hate Musicals” produced by Tilted Pictures Ltd, directed by
Michael Lavelle in Dublin. Since 2010 he is an artist of Polish Theatre Ireland and
he performed as a Michael in their first production of “Scent of Chocolate”, directed by Anna Wolf. As part of the Absolut Fringe Festival in “Cappuccino Culture” (2010) directed by Noelia Ruiz, “Chesslaugh Mewash” (2011), devised by Polish Theatre Ireland and ”Chemistry” (2012), choreographed by Anna Gąciarz, 50% Male Experimental Theatre.

Jacek Dusznik: Actor


Photo by Maciej Staroniewicz

Jacek Dusznik studied acting at Bull Alley Theatre Company. Also as part of his education is musical theatre performance and distinction in London Trinity Guildhall. He speaks fluent English, German and Polish, is also a boxer and rugby player with years of experience. He started his work in Polish Theatre Ireland in their first production of Scent of Chocolate as Father (directed by Anna Wolf, Focus Theatre 2010). He also made a set design for another PTI’s production of Chesslaugh Mewash (devised by the company, The Lir Theatre 2011, as part of Absolut Fringe 2011). Jacek had the pleasure of working with Irish comedy legend Tommy Tiernan in his Dave’s One Night Stand show (DAVE S3/E5) as journalist Tomek . He also appears in the Ripper Street as “Polish man” (BBC S1/E3) alongside such star as Matthew Macfadyen (Anna Karenina). Jacek occurred in various theatre plays, Henry V, as Charles VI (Bull Alley Theatre Company/ Civic Theatre) directed by Katherine Murphy, Street Scene as Kaplan ( Bull Alley / Civic Theatre) Directed by Neville Caryle Style. Also to see in such productions as “Faraway” Feature Film by Stephen Don, “Promised Land” short film by Daniel Corcoran, “Death Waits” Feature Film by Redmond Fitzpatrick (post production), “The Hunt” Short Film by Niall Sheerin. Jacek just finished the work on Blink, a short film directed by Conor Maloney (Ayamé) Written by and starring Gavin O’Connor (The Tudors), Jacek features alongside IFTA nominee Róisín Murphy (What Richard Did) and Luke Griffin (Band Of Brothers).

Konrad Kania: Composer and Music Director

Konrad Kania: Composer and Music Director

Konrad Kania: Composer and Music Director

Konrad is a composer, instrumentalist and recording engineer, living in Dublin since 2006. He works under the label of his ProgMind Production company. Konrad started his music adventure by learning guitar artistry at the age of 10. In 1998 he founded rock band Antares, which got recognized in Cracow’s underground music scene. In the following years he was searching for his own artistic expression, drawing from various music genres. Since 2009 he’s involved in progrock project Eau-De-Nil. He’s a composer and a producer of musical setting to meditation record ‘Soul Secrets’ by Ailani Therapy and many media projects for House Of Pictures Studio, ‘Celtic Gladiator’ being the most recent. His portfolio includes music for theatre performance “The Maids” by Made-Up Theatre Company, documentary project ‘Story of My Radio’ for Dublin City FM/120/h, as well as mixing and recording of tibetan bowls and gongs-new age music for Kings of the Wind, among others. He’s involved with Polish Theatre Ireland since 2010 as musical director and main composer, starting with PTI’s first production ‘Scent Of Chocolate’, ‘Chesslaugh Meewash’, ‘Delta Phase’ being the last so far. Recently he composed music for Jack Kairo and the Long Hard Kiss Goodbye which was staged in Theatre Upstairs in August 2012.



Anka Wysota: Director

Anka Wysota: Director

Anka Wysota: Director

Anka Wysota is theatre and film director based in Dublin since 2003. She directed short film “Don’t like talking to you” (2004). In 2007 she was awarded by Arts Council of Ireland Award in category “New Work” to direct and produce an experimental performance “Human Herd” (The New Theatre, 2008). In Poland she was trained as an actress since 1986, she studied in Academy of Theatre Practices “Gardzienice” (a post-Grotowski company). Anka holds MA in Polish Philology. She is also a published poet and journalist. Currently she is completing Drama Facilitation course.

Non-PTI Artists Who Usually Collaborate With Us:

John Currivan: Actor, Director and Translator

Photo by Maciej Staroniewicz

John CurrivanActor, Director and Translator

John is the director and founder and Director of Little Room Productions, with whom he produced ‘One Waiting Room’ 2011, ‘If Only I was A Waterproof Watch’ (Comic Book) – 2011. Behind The Shamrock- 2009. In 2011 he studied on the NAYD Artstrain course. In 2010 he participated in year long mentorship with Fishamble: The New Play Company, at the end of which produced the short play ‘Dive’. As an Actor he has worked with Fíbín, Polish Theatre Ireland, devise+conquer and The Abbey Theatre. In 2009 he graduated from the Bachelor in Acting Studies Trinity College. He has also worked as an Assistant Director with Polish Theatre Ireland for Absolut fringe 2011, and is a primary faciliator with Clondalkin Youth Theatre.

Radosław Paczocha: Playwright

Radosław Paczocha: Playwright

Radosław was born in 1977. He is a graduate from Polish Philology Department at Warsaw University as well as Theatre and Drama Department at The Aleksander Zelwerowicz State Theatre Academy. He currently lives in Warsaw and works as a freelance playwright and screenwriter. He is an author of A Friend, Babylon Bar, Delta Phase, Scent of Chocolate, Be Like Kazimierz Deyna. He received the first prize at the All-Poland Competition for Best Drama WINDOWISKO 2008 for his play Scent of Chocolate which was produced in Dublin in 2010 by Polish Theatre Ireland. In 2009 his play A Friend was the winner at drama competition Metaphors Of Reality 2009.

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  1. Szanowni Państwo,
    Nazywam się Ewa Kościańska. Jestem menadżerem Artura Gotza, wokalisty i
    aktora (absolwenta PWST im. L. Solskiego w Krakowie – Wydziały
    Zamiejscowe we Wrocławiu (2006 r.)związanego obecnie ze scenami
    warszawskimi – Teatrem Kamienica i Teatrem Współczesnym, współpracuje
    również z Teatrem The Imagination w Londynie i Teatrem Rozrywki w
    Zapraszam do zapoznania się z ofertami: spektaklu PIASKOWNICA oraz recitalu
    piosenki aktorskiej i kabaretowej “Obiekt Seksualny”
    połączonego z promocją płyty “Obiekt Seksualny” (wydawca:
    LUNA MUSIC Wrocław). Wszelkie informacje na stronie artysty: http://www.arturgotz.pl

    W razie jakichkolwiek pytań pozostaję do Państwa dyspozycji pod numerem:
    + 48 511 988 201

    Ewa Kościańska
    impresariat Artura Gotza
    + 48 511 988 201
    e-mail: artmanagement@interia.pl

  2. Hi there,
    i’m working with a brand new theater company called Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and we’re looking to cast two polish actors, one male, one female. the show is a modern dress production of measure for measure by william shakespeare. i was wondering whether any of the members of your company would be interested? the show runs from June 13th to 18th in the Back Loft, with rehearsals from May 9th. if you have any questions please feel free to email me. hope to be hearing from you and have a lovely weekend
    with regards
    diane crotty

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