Breaking Mad with Down The River

Down The River are one of the bands who will be playing at our Breaking Mad fundraiser on Friday 22 in the Mercantile. They were  founded in Dublin in 2011. They perform own compositions drifting freely between different shades of rock. Energizing blend of seasoned solid dose of rhythmic, melodic riffs as well as expressive and melancholic vocals parties.

The artists are: Jaromir Pelczar – vocal, guitar, Artur Nowak – bass, Rafal Wisniewski – keybord, David Gergo – drums, Izaaka Riviera – guitar, second vocal.


Photo by Tomasz Bobowski

We asked Jaromir, the main vocalist, three questions about the band and the music they play.

PTI: Why did you pick the name ‘Down The River’? Is it inspired by something?

J: The name “Down The River” came quite accidentally from a line in the Stone Temple Song song “Kitchenware’n Candybar”. To be honest, the name of the band wasn’t the most important thing. There’s many bands which have managed to achieve success in spite of weird names. The music we create is an essential matter.

PTI: What inspires you to make music?

J: Everyday life and feelings are the biggest inspiration. Making music is the way of releasing all emotions. Sometimes inspirations comes from nowhere, a tiny tune, word, thought just come to your mind and you just have to complete it.

PTI: What can people attending Breaking Mad party expect from the Down The River?

J: If you expect a dose of solid, energetic rock associated with progressive electronics sounds and melody, you can’t miss out our nearest gig! :-)

Breaking Mad with Polish Theatre Ireland in the Mercantile on Friday 22 November:


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