Polish Theatre Ireland is a non-for-profit theatre organisation based in Dublin, co-founded by Kasia Lech, Helen McNulty and Anna Wolf. We produce theatre plays and theatrical events to the highest artistic standards championing multinational theatre lovers living in Dublin. Our shows are the mixture of Polish and Irish traditions and politics. We aim to intertwist, integrate and interact with artists and audiences.

For the last 5 years we have staged our events in the prominent venues including Focus Theatre, the Project Arts Centre, The Lir Theatre and Theatre Upstairs. We were part of several important Irish arts festivals such as Tiger Fringe Festival, International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival and Cavan Theatre Festival and partnered by the national organisations such as National LGBT Federation, Transgender Equality Network Ireland. The Embassy of Republic of Poland in Dublin has been our core funder and supporter.

At the moment we are preparing our old production Bubble Revolution to be presented at the Edinburgh Fringe 4-28th August 2016. For more info go to our News section or to specially designed website http://www.bubblerevolution.com.


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